2018-12-06 NEWS
Exhibitions about culture and sport during the interwar period on the Google Arts&Culture Platform
“Physical Renewal. Sports, Tourist, and Care Organizations in Service of Independent Poland” and “Spiritual Renewal. Cooperative, Religious, and Women’s Organizations in Service of Independent Poland” are new online exhibitions published in December by the Polish History Museum on the international Google Arts&Culture Platform.
2018-11-23 NEWS
The Results of the "40 Generations" Literary-Educational Competition Have Been Announced!
Anna Krygier and Mariusz W. Kliszewski are the winners of the “40 Generations” literary-educational competition organized by the Polish History Museum. 40 works devoted to history were sent in for the competition.
2018-11-21 NEWS
Book Award for the Polish History Museum
Published by the Polish History Museum, Stanisław Wojciechowski’s My Memories, edited by Jerzy Łazor, has been awarded in the Historical Book of the Year competition in the category Best Memoir Regarding 20th-century Poland and Poles.
2018-11-21 NEWS
A Transmitter Used by the Underground to Enrich the Permanent Exhibition of the Polish History Museum
On 21 November in Warsaw Orange Polska presented the PHM with a World War II clandestine radio transmitter. This unique exhibit is to enrich the Museum’s future permanent exhibition. It is going to be the only radio station of this type on permanent display in a Polish institution.
2018-11-13 ARTICLES
Two Decades of Art 1918-1939
Wondering about the connection between the reinstatement of independence and the Polish interwar art, one could expect that the creation of the new state occasioned creation of works of art where that fact found its clear expression. But the dynamic of the artistic tendencies followed a course different from the historical processes, though it was deeply immersed in them.
2018-11-13 ARTICLES
Professor Andrzej Chwalba: The Closing Balance, the Opening Balance
In the history of Poland the autumn of 1918 marks the end of the partition epoch and the begining of the revival of the Polish state — the Republic of Poland called the Second Republic of Poland. That revival was a gradual process.



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