2018-04-27 ARTICLES
Professor Piotr Ugniewski: Hot the 3 of May constitution was passed
The passing of the Government Act was possible because an understanding had been reached between members of the enlightened opposition and the King, Stanisław August Poniatowski.
2018-04-27 ARTICLES
The Constitution of 3 May: heritage from the captive years
2018-04-27 NEWS
Salvaged from the Deluge
The Polish premiere of the documentary "Uratowane z potopu" [saved from the Deluge], directed by Marcin Jamkowski and Konstanty Kulik and produced by the Arkana Film Studio, was held on 26 April 2018 at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. This documentary, which took nearly 10 years to make, tells the story of not only the treasures of 17th-century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth looted during the Deluge, but also of the expedition organized to find them and the lifting of those priceless artefacts from the bottom of the River Vistula, a number of which are to be on display in the future Polish History Museum.
2018-04-26 NEWS
"Poles in Chicago": We Are Looking for Witnesses to History
The Polish History Museum is looking for repatriates and families of emigrants who would like to share their memories connected with their stay in Chicago, emigration, and return to Poland. We are also looking for people in Poland who did not go to the USA but stayed in contact with emigrants.
2018-04-23 NEWS
A Precious Donation to the Polish History Museum
A meeting with Maria Starczewska-Lambasa, who donated exhibits from the 1939–1940 New York World’s Fair, was held at the temporary seat of the Polish History Museum on 23 April this year.
2018-04-10 NEWS
Polish History Museum - the Beginning of the Journey
10 April this year marks the 8th anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash. One of the casualties was the-then Minister of Culture Tomasz Merta, an initiator of the Polish History Museum. Below are presented his texts about the Museum’s conception.



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