2020-06-25 ARTICLES
Poznań, June 1956

On 28 and 29 June 1956, workers’ protests broke out in Poznań, and subsequently turned into street fighting. The army was deployed by the Communist authorities to crush the unrest. At least 79 lives were lost as a result, and more than 600 people were wounded.

2020-06-24 ARTICLES
The events of June 1976 in Radom

On 25 June 1976, in response to a price increase announced by the government, strikes and demonstrations were organized in a number of workplaces across Poland. The most notable disturbances involving workers occurred in Radom, Ursus and Płock. Social protest was brutally crushed by the milicja, the Polish People’s Republic police, and by the Security Service. Approximately 2,500 people were arrested across the country.

2020-06-09 NEWS
Prof. W. Roszkowski to chair the PHM Board

On 9 June 2020, the inaugural sitting of the new Board of the Polish History Museum for 2020–2024 took place, during which the body elected Professor Wojciech Roszkowski as its chair, his third term in the post.

2020-06-06 ARTICLES
Jan Kochanowski, Kalliope's mountaineer. The 490th anniversary of Jan Kochanowski's birthday
2020-06-03 NEWS
Maczek Memorial Breda open for visitors

Starting from 3 June, visitors are welcome at the new seat of Maczek Memorial Breda, with part of its exhibition created by the Polish History Museum.

2020-05-29 NEWS
Let us Create a Great Story about Poland with our Own Little Memories: #MojaPamiątka Action Launched



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