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Powstali 1863–64

The Polish History Museum has staged an outdoor exhibition titled The Insurgents of 1863–64 devoted to the January Uprising, the largest pro-independence rebellion in Poland’s 19th-century history. At the exhibition one can find, for instance, answers to such questions as: Were scythes better than rifles? Why did Marian Langiewicz’s dictatorship last a mere handful of days? What was the participation of women in the January Uprising? What does the helichrysum (everlasting) flower have in common with the 1863 insurgence?

Key information

01. When?

From: 10/05/2023
To: 31/12/2024

02. Where?

Warsaw, Częstochowa, Płock and more

03. Curator of the exhibition

Wojciech Kalwat

04. Ticket prices

Free admission
The exhibition tells a story of one of the key pro-independence uprisings in the history of the Polish nation.
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Travel in space and time

The exhibition The Insurgents 1863–64 can be viewed in a dozen or so cities and towns, such as Warsaw, Rzeszów, Busko-Zdrój, Częstochowa, Białystok and Płock. It will be available for the public in both small and larger localities, with special inclusion of ones near which insurgent fighting took place.

Busko-Zdrój: 12–22 July 2024
Częstochowa: 27 July–5 August 2024
Warszawa: 10 August–11 September 2024
Białystok: 16–22 September 2024
Płock: 27 September–8 October 2024

The story of the insurgence

Offered in Polish and English language versions, the exhibition comprises two parts. The first is a fact-based story about the insurgence of 1863–1864 presented at 16 stands: starting from pre-January demonstrations, through the course of fighting and the participation of selected individuals and various social groups, to reports of international press about the events, insurgent fashion of the period and memory of the uprising. This section is analogue and  multimedia in nature – by performing suggested tasks the visitor can discover historical content on their own.
January insurgents in uniforms, National Library collections
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A multimedia exhibition
The Insurgents 1863–64