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Separated by War

As part of commemorations of the outbreak of the Second World War, the Polish History Museum prepared the exhibition "Separated by War." The idea originated during the project "Families Separated by War," when collected testimonials and documents were used to create the scenario and concept of this exhibition. The exhibition showed the wartime fates of seven simple families, and aimed to get the contemporary visitor closer to the dramatic experience of civilian victims of the Second World War. Each story, showing individual dimensions of history, showed at the same time different aspects of the wartime fate of Poles.

Key information

01. When?

From: 11/11/2009
To: 31/07/2010

02. Where?

University of Warsaw Library, Museum of the PRL in Kraków (then a branch of PHM)

03. Curator of the exhibition

Exhibition council: Monika Matwiejczuk, Ewa Wójcicka, Anna Kosińska, Łukasz Kubacki.

04. Ticket prices

Free admission

About the exhibition

The leading motif was the motif of separation of families (arrests, forced transportation, forced labor, losses in the face of wartime turmoil, escapes, etc.). We showed different Polish fates – families from central Poland, the borderlands, Pomerania, Silesia and of a Jewish girl hidden in a Catholic orphanage.
What were choices made by simple people, what did separation mean for them, how they coped with it – those were the basic questions around which the exhibition's narration was constructed.

The exhibition was presented in the University of Warsaw Library (11.11.2009 – 12.01.2010), then in the Museum of the PRL in Kraków, then a branch of MHP (8.05.-31.07.2010).
Part of the exhibition "Separated by War"
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