2018-12-06 NEWS
Exhibitions about culture and sport during the interwar period on the Google Arts&Culture Platform
“Physical Renewal. Sports, Tourist, and Care Organizations in Service of Independent Poland” and “Spiritual Renewal. Cooperative, Religious, and Women’s Organizations in Service of Independent Poland” are new online exhibitions published in December by the Polish History Museum on the international Google Arts&Culture Platform.
2018-11-23 NEWS
The Results of the "40 Generations" Literary-Educational Competition Have Been Announced!
Anna Krygier and Mariusz W. Kliszewski are the winners of the “40 Generations” literary-educational competition organized by the Polish History Museum. 40 works devoted to history were sent in for the competition.
2018-11-13 ARTICLES
The Golden Age That Lasted 20 Years. The Architecture of Independent Poland
The architectural Eldorado lasted a little over 20 years. And this is also how long it waited for recognition in the Third Republic of Poland.
2018-11-12 NEWS
Polish History Museum's Exhibition "Women of Independence" Has Been Opened at the NATO Headquarters
The Polish History Museum’s exhibition "Women of Independence" has been opened at the NATO headquarters in Brussels on 9 November this year. It presents the participation of women in the struggle for Polish independence during the partitions, World War I, World War II, and in the democratic opposition in the People’s Republic of Poland.
2018-11-11 NEWS
Dmowski's and Daszyński's Decorations to Be Presented to the Polish History Museum
25 people have been posthumously awarded with the Order of the White Eagle by President Andrzej Duda. Among them are, for instance, Ignacy Daszyński and Roman Dmowski. The decorations were handed to Polish History Museum Director Robert Kostro and PHM Deputy Director Anna Piekarska.
2018-11-09 NEWS
13th Independence Station. Events Prepared by the Polish History Museum for the Independence Day.
It is the 13th time that the Polish History Museum is organizing the Independence Station — an event connected with the Independence Day celebrated on 11 November. Its highlight is going to be an interactive location-based game entitled Independence Labyrinth in a pavilion on the Teatralny Square in Warsaw. On the occasion of the upcoming anniversary of the reinstatement of Polish independence our Museum is preparing new books, for instance, a collection of essays on the Second Republic of Poland.



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