2019-03-18 NEWS
On the downfall of communism. 1989 in Central and Eastern Europe
2019-03-01 ARTICLES
Cursed Soldiers, a rural vengeance war
On 1 March 1951, after a show trial in the Mokotów prison in Warsaw, seven members of the WiN independence movement [IV Zarządu Głównego Zrzeszenia "Wolność i Niezawisłość"] were shot. The anniversary of this crime has been commemorated since 2011 as the National Memorial Day of the "Cursed Soldiers."
2019-02-13 NEWS
Book collections, libraries, publishers, and authors during armed and political conflicts.State of the art and research perspectives.Poznań, 13-15 November 2019
2018-12-06 NEWS
Exhibitions about culture and sport during the interwar period on the Google Arts&Culture Platform
“Physical Renewal. Sports, Tourist, and Care Organizations in Service of Independent Poland” and “Spiritual Renewal. Cooperative, Religious, and Women’s Organizations in Service of Independent Poland” are new online exhibitions published in December by the Polish History Museum on the international Google Arts&Culture Platform.
2018-11-23 NEWS
The Results of the "40 Generations" Literary-Educational Competition Have Been Announced!
Anna Krygier and Mariusz W. Kliszewski are the winners of the “40 Generations” literary-educational competition organized by the Polish History Museum. 40 works devoted to history were sent in for the competition.
2018-11-13 ARTICLES
The Golden Age That Lasted 20 Years. The Architecture of Independent Poland
The architectural Eldorado lasted a little over 20 years. And this is also how long it waited for recognition in the Third Republic of Poland.



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