2018-09-12 NEWS
Enigma to Be Purchased by and Displayed in the Polish History Museum
On Wednesday, 12 September, the Polish History Museum signed a letter of intent on cooperation with Prescient, a company from the USA. Owing to Prescient’s financial support, our Museum is going to buy a unique copy of the Enigma, the German coding machine. The device is going to be on display after the opening of the Museum’s permanent exhibition in 2021.
2018-08-30 ARTICLES
Krzysztof Mazur: The Gdańsk Agreement as a political experiment
The nature of the August 1980 strikes was not unlike that of a social contract. Tens of thousands of individuals who took industrial action had agreed between themselves that society must be restored after years of enduring erosion and decay at the hands of the Communist regime.
2018-08-20 ARTICLES
Invasion '68
Half a century ago, on the night from 20 to 21 August 1968, began the largest military operation in the history of the Warsaw Pact. The invasion of Czechoslovakia put an end to the Prague Spring experiment.
2018-07-06 NEWS
Polish History Museum - Sod-Turning Ceremony
The sod-turning ceremony marking the beginning of the construction of the PHM seat took place on 6 July on the grounds of the Warsaw Citadel. Our museum, whose opening is planned for the first quarter of 2021, is to be one of the largest and most modern museums in Poland.
2018-06-14 NEWS
International Conference "Poles in Chicago" Has Begun
The objective of the international conference “Poles in Chicago — the Experience of an Immigrant. Integration, Isolation, Assimilation” is to present the history of the Polish community in Chicago. Opening the conference, Polish History Museum Director Robert Kostro said: “This project will tell us more about Polish Chicago, that is, about how Poles in Chicago live and function.”



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