In mid-August 1920, Warsaw outskirts were a site of a battle that reversed the course of the Polish-Bolshevik war. Researchers still do not agree as to who the mastermind behind that operation and its actual leader was. Which of the statements below seems most convincing to you?

The victory in the battle of Warsaw is to be ascribed to the chief of staff General Tadeusz Rozwadowski whose signatures feature under the operational orders. Throughout the battle, General Rozwadowski remained in Warsaw, while Marshal Piłsudski personally led the attack from the River Wieprz.
The victory in the battle of Warsaw is to be ascribed to Marshal Józef Piłsudski who as commander-in-chief was fully responsible for the actions taken and the entire dispute concerning the author of the success is a manifestation of political rivalry in Poland and the dislike of Piłsudski by his political opponents.
Both Piłsudski and Rozwadowski ensured the victory in the battle of Warsaw. Such successes are typically collective work. One should also add that a great role was also played by Polish cryptologists led by Colonel Jan Kowalewski.

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