On 4 June 1989, general elections for the Polish People’s Republic’s Sejm and Senate took place. Several months later – on 28 October – the actress Joanna Szczepkowska during a live interview in the Dziennik Telewizyjny news bulletin said: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, 4 June 1989 marks the end of communism in Poland.’ 30 years on,:

You share Joanna Szczepkowska’s view and think that 4 June 1989 was a breakthrough in Poland’s history of the second half of the 20th century.
You do not share Joanna Szczepkowska’s view as the first entirely free elections took place in October 1991.
You share Joanna Szczepkowska’s view, with the proviso, however, that of key importance was the formation of the government led by Tadeusz Mazowiecki on 12 September 1989 which, in turn, would not have been possible without it being supported by the former allies of the Polish United Workers’ Party (PZPR), i.e. the United People’s Party (ZSL) and the Alliance of Democrats (SD); they decided to take such a step influenced by the mass public support for the then opposition expressed in the 4 June elections.

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