Thirteen Years’ War: In April 1454, the Kingdom of Poland declared a war on the Teutonic Order, which was to last, intermittently, until 1466. What is your assessment of its outcome written down in the Second Peace of Toruń (Thorn)?

Positive: the war crushed the Teutonic Order for good and the Peace of Toruń brought not just territorial gains but also marked the beginning of the process of the Order’s growing dependence from Poland.
Not too positive: the war exposed Poland’s financial weakness as the fights of thirteen years were won solely thanks to the financial assistance of the city of Gdańsk and taxes collected from the subjects, at the expense of privileges, which weakened the monarch domestically.
Negative: although Poland regained Gdańsk Pomerania, it was unable to ensure the final liquidation of the Teutonic Order.

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