Declaration of accessibility

Declaration of accessibility of the internet service of the Polish History Museum in Warsaw

The Polish History Museum in Warsaw (hereinafter also: the ‘PHM’ or the ‘Museum’) shall undertake to ensure the accessibility of its website in compliance with the provisions of the Act of 4 April 2019 on the digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities (Journal of Laws 2019.848, Digital Accessibility Act).

This declaration on accessibility shall be applicable to the internet service of the Polish History Museum in Warsaw (the ‘Website’).

  • date of the Website’s opening: 16 February 2015
  • date of the Website’s last significant update: 31 March 2022

Status in terms of statutory compliance

The Website is partially compliant with the Act on the digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities due to irregularities or exclusions listed below.

Inaccessible content:

  • photographs and other non-textual content partially lack alternative descriptions
  • some hyperlinks are not correctly marked
  • it is not possible to stop the carousel slider showing photographs on the Website.


  • the Website was created prior to the entry into force of the Digital Accessibility Act
  • the maps on the Website are excluded from the accessibility obligation
  • multimedia and other materials were published on the Website prior to the entry into force of the Digital Accessibility Act
  • files produced by external providers and submitted for publication in paper format or as scans are not accessible as no access to source data is possible
  • archived content not used for ongoing operations is excluded from the accessibility obligation.

Drafting of the declaration on accessibility

  • declaration drafted on: 23 September 2020
  • declaration last subject to review and update on: 26 April 2021

This declaration has been drafted based on evaluation by an external entity: Openform (civil law partnership) Magdalena Klejdysz-Matras, Rafał Matras, Tomasz Marszałek (Openform design & digital studio).

Keyboard shortcuts

Standard keyboard shortcuts of the browser can be used on the Website.

Feedback and contact data

In case of problems with the Website’s accessibility please contact the person assigned by the PHM for digital accessibility matters: Sebastian Jackowski,, tel. +48 22 211 90 14, address: Muzeum Historii Polski w Warszawie, ul. Mokotowska 33/35, 00-560 Warsaw, Poland.

We wish to inform you that pursuant to the Digital Accessibility Act anyone has the right to:

  • make comments on the digital accessibility of the Website or any of its aspects
  • demand that the Website or any of its aspects be digitally accessible
  • demand that inaccessible information be made accessible in another alternative format.

The said demand must include:

  • contact data of the person communicating it
  • indication of the Website or its aspect that the demand relates to
  • indication of the preferred format of making information accessible, if the demand concerns making inaccessible information accessible in an alternative format.

The demand in question should be processed without delay, preferably within seven days. If ensuring accessibility or access in an alternative format were not possible within that period, it should take place not later than two months following the communication of the demand.

Should ensuring digital accessibility not be possible, the PHM may propose an alternative way of access to information. Should the PHM refuse to provide accessibility or an alternative way of access to information as demanded, the applicant may lodge a complaint related to ensuring the digital accessibility of the Website or its aspect(s). Once the abovementioned procedure has been exhausted, a complaint can also be made to the Polish Commissioner for Human Rights.

Commissioner for Human Rights,

Information on the physical accessibility of the Polish History Museum’s seat for persons with disabilities

The Museum’s provisional office is located at ul. Mokotowska 33/35 in Warsaw, Poland. It is being used temporarily, until the permanent seat of the PHM has been opened.

The provisional main seat of the PHM at ul. Mokotowska 33/35 in Warsaw is located in rented premises in a historical building, which is why adjusting it the needs of persons with disabilities is limited. Its internal parking cannot be used by guests, including persons with disabilities.   

The provisional seat of the PHM is used as a venue for debates, book promotions and educational activities. Access to the rooms where the aforementioned events are held is ensured for persons with disabilities in terms of reaching the event venue. There exists no possibility of making adjustments in lavatories. The building and all its spaces can be accessed with service and guide dogs.

The buildings has horizontal and vertical circulation areas. It is fitted with a fire protection system featuring door release in case of fire. The PHM’s staff members have been trained in evacuation procedures. In case of an emergency, evacuation of persons with limited mobility is carried out through the staircase with assistance of third persons.

Additionally, the Museum is using an office facility located where the construction of the PHM’s permanent seat is taking place (the Construction Office, an adjusted military building situated close to the future PHM headquarters at the Warsaw Citadel). Staff members can be evacuated through the staircase.

The PHM does not provide the possibility of using the service of a sign language interpreter at its seat or by electronic means of communication.

Additional information

The full accessibility of the internet service of the Polish History Museum in Warsaw can only be ensured if it is subject to comprehensive redevelopment or a new Website is built. In 2020, the PHM carried out an audit of the Website focusing on its accessibility. Prior to the opening of the Polish History Museum’s permanent seat to the public at the Warsaw Citadel, the PHM is planning to develop a modern, intuitive and generally accessible Website.