We collect souvenirs

The Polish History Museum has a growing collection of documents, photographs and objects offered by private people. If you would like to preserve your collections and family souvenirs, please donate them to MHP. We are looking for archival materials, photographs and artifacts of larger size which could illustrate the rich history of Poland.

We encourage persons interested in donating collections or souvenirs to contact the exhibitions department, specifically:

Łukasz Kubacki, tel. (22) 211 90 29, e-mail: lukasz.kubacki[at]muzhp.pl
Monika Matwiejczuk tel. (22) 211 90 48, e-mail: monika.matwiejczuk[at]muzhp.pl

Little Big Histories

Since 2016, the Museum has been running a worldwide social campaign entitled “Little Big Histories” to collect historical memorabilia. Its primary objectives include informing the public about the Museum under construction and collecting artefacts. Through the campaign, the Polish History Museum wishes gather pieces for its collection: items of historical value, including those connected with donors’ personal lives. Of particular importance are items related to the Polish struggle for independence: both in 1918 and 1989.

The Museum is also interested in everyday articles, photographs, postcards, documents, letters, diaries, press and items of clothing, uniforms, weaponry and military equipment, antique devices and handicraft and artistic goods that could reflect the history of Polish cultural, social and economic changes. The memorabilia will be included in the Polish History Museum collection. Some of the donated objects will become a part of the museum permanent exhibition, and the others will be carefully secured with history researchers and future temporary exhibitions in mind.

The Museum established cooperation with more than 800 institutions in Poland and worldwide, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Kyrgyzstan, Argentina, Japan, Canada and Italy, which offered promotional support for the campaign. The institutions include local governments (e.g. municipal, district and county offices), embassies, libraries, tourist information offices, parishes, schools, cultural institutions and non-governmental organisations.

Among the donated exhibits are: a collection of documents on the Battle of Warsaw of 1920, a time capsule of 1862, an Art Nouveau cruet set, a set of photographs and glass plate negatives from the interwar period and a cushion made of the Regency Council banner.

Illustration: A top hat with the original box, early twentieth century. Donor: Jan Kapitański. Photo: PHM / Tomasz Woźny.