The first century of the Jagiellonian dynasty

Born in 1952, Wojciech Fałkowski is a scholar of medieval history of Poland and general history and University Professor at the Institute of History of the Warsaw University. In his studies he discusses, for instance, the history of Carolingian Europe and the Jagiellonian times. He penned, for instance, the monograph Elita władzy w Polsce za panowania Kazimierza Jagiellończyka [the ruling class in Poland during the Reign of Casimir IV Jagiellon] (Warsaw, 1992), Potestas regia. Władza i polityka w królestwie zachodniofrankijskim na przełomie IX i X wieku [Potestas regia. Power and politics in the West Francia at the turn of the 9th and 10th centuries] (Warsaw, 1999), and Wielki król. Ideologiczne podstawy władzy Karola Wielkiego [The great king. Ideological foundations of the reign of Charles the Great] (Warsaw, 2011). During 1993–2001 the Secretary General of the Polish National Commission for UNESCO, in 1994 became the editor-in-chief of the annual Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae, during 2000–2002 the Chairman of the Organizational Committee of the 1st Congress of Polish Medievalists, during 2001–2012 the Chairman of the Standing Committee of Polish Medievalists, a member of the scholarly council of UNESCO’s Memory of the World international program (1997–2001), and then the Chairman of this program’s Nomination Committee (2001–2005).

Paweł Derecki, Professor Wojciech Fałkowski — sketch for a scholar’s portrait
The Jagiellonians in Central Europe
The conception of the monarchy in Poland during the first Jagiellonians
Polish aristocracy and the king. Political measures and activities around the monarch during the 15th century
Adventus regis. Władysław II Jagiełło’s return to Cracow after the victory at Grunwald
The Monarchy’s search for the status quo. The political situation in the Crown before the Union of Horodło 1399–1413
Humility and calculation. Władysław II Jagiełło apology to Bishop Piotr Wysz
Gesture and politics. Władysław II Jagiełło’s bitter conflict with Bishop Zbigniew Oleśnicki
Władysław II Jagiełło’s 1409 series of urban charters
The king and the bishop. The dispute over the raison d’étate in the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland during 1424–1426
The monarchy of political consensus — lawful and autocratic reign of Casimir IV Jagiellon
Sejms without the king, 1440–1446
Casimir IV Jagiellon’s first Sejm
1446 Polish-Lithuanian negotiations
Casimir IV Jagiellon’s 1453 confirmation of privileges
The year of three Sejms
Studies on the ruling class in Poland in the late Middle Ages and in the early modern period
Two funerals of Casimir III the Great — the importance of the ritual
The dead king’s majesty — the funeral of Sigismund II August


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