SOSAB - educational historical game

The main goal of the project is to educate Poland’s younger generation about the activities of the Polish Armed Forces in Western Europe. We would like Poland’s young people to understand what it meant for Polish troops to fight for Europe and to die for Poland. This presentation of the history of General Sosabowski and the Brigade he created can help in better understanding the contribution of Poles in liberating other countries during the Second World War, and can serve as role model of a conscious identity as both a Pole and a European.

The story of General Sosabowski and his Brigade, as well as the restoration of their memory after World War II, provide an excellent opportunity to promote values and practices which can shape the character of young people. The main subject of the project is General Sosabowski himself, the history of the 1st Parachute Brigade, and its participation in Operation Market-Garden, as well as the later restoration of the memory of these Polish soldiers by ordinary citizens of the Netherlands, the Dutch government, and the Dutch Royal Family.

Another goal of the project is to show history and tradition as essential for understanding oneself and the current world, as a precious source of values, role models, and standards. Using the history of General Sosabowski and his soldiers in the project’s products, we accessibly show a young audience that Poles had a significant impact on the history of Western Europe and that they died for the freedom of foreign countries. We consider this issue to be particularly relevant in the context of the ongoing emigration of Poles. Poles who may emigrate temporarily from Poland or study in Western European universities should be aware of the participation of Polish Armed Forces abroad. An additional goal of our project is to commemorate the history of Poland and to restore the memory of General Sosabowski and his soldiers.

Our project covers the years 1940-1947, as well as current efforts to restore the rightful memory of General Sosabowski and his soldiers (awards by the Dutch government to the Brigade, events related to the anniversaries of Operation Market-Garden in Driel, activities of the Dutch Foundation Driel-Poland.) The main subjects in our game are the creation of the Polish Parachute Brigade in Scotland, the character and courage of General Sosabowski (based on his two memoirs “Freely I served” and “The Road Led Through the Fallow”), the participation of Poles in the Battle of Arnhem, the bravery of Poles fighting to liberate other European nations, and the situation of Polish soldiers after the war.


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Karol Madaj (born February 9, 1980 in Warsaw) – designer of educational historical games, employee of the Public Education Office of the Institute of National Remembrance. In 2012 his game Kolejka (Queue) was awarded Game of the Year in Poland. In 2013, “for his contribution in building awareness of historical and patriotic consciousness”, he was awarded a Gold Cross of Merit by the President of Poland. Published games: • Awans: Zostań Marszałkiem Polski (Promotion: Become the Marshall of Poland) (2009) • Pamięć ’39 (Memory ’39) (2009) • 303 (2010) • Kolejka (Queue) (2011) • Kolejka: Ogonek (Tail expansion) (2011) • ZnajZnak (Recognize the Symbol) (2012) • ZnajZnak – Pamięć (Memory) (2013) • Letnisko (Summer Resort) (2013 ) • Strajk! Skok do wolności (Strike! For Solidarity) (2013) • 111 (2013) • ZnajZnak – Monte Cassino (2014) • Reglamentacja (Rationing) (2014) • 7. W obronie Lwowa (7: The Defense of Lwów) (2014) • ZnajZnak – Sport (2015).

Tomasz Ginter- holder of the PhD in history , graduate of Warsaw University and WSHE in Lodz, employee of the Public Education Office of theInstitute of National Remembrance. Co-author of games : 303 (2010) , 111 (2013) , 7. The defense of Lwów ( 2014 ), ZnajZnak.

Project coordination: Marta Ponikowska/Tomasz Korolko