Logotype of the Polish History Museum, by Piotr Młodożeniec

The logo reflects the spirit of MHP – a contemporary institution of culture that uses multimedia technology and interactive forms of presentation, and describes our institution which presents the important themes in the history of Poland including the history of culture, social life and traditions.

The designer of the project decided to segment the logo, concealing separate semantic and symbolic meanings in each letter. These means result in:

  • The designer presenting a semantic game to the viewer, a kind of puzzle to be deciphered by each viewer.
  • In the composition of the three letters, an abbreviation reminds one of the Poland one would wish to have – royal Poland, free Poland, the Poland of Solidarity.
  • The line and colors make the logo look fresh, but not immature.
  • The project contains reference to the Polish Poster School which leaves an impression with viewers that they are dealing with something familiar. On the other hand, this is also an asset in promoting MHP abroad.


The MHP logo can be interpreted in many ways. Each of us can find in it something that is distinctly appealing. The designers of the project for MHP found in this symbol:

  • The crown associated with the powerful Poland of the Jagiellonian era and the electoral monarchy – in a word, of the First Republic. Yet it is also just a crown, to be viewed by the young whom we want to encourage to visit the institution we are creating.
  • The wings refer to galloping hussars, fighting “for our freedom and yours", yet the wings also refer to freedom, loved by many generations of Poles. It's also possible to discover similarities here to the writer's quill – a symbol for the amazing role of wordsmiths and artists in the defense and maintenance of Polish freedom.
  • The flag speaks of our statehood and history. But this flag is etched specifically in the letter P – as Home Army heroes and the Solidarity generation had done. And it is the flag with which we have now entered into North Atlantic and Europe alliances.


Logo of the Polish History Museum (to download)

Selection for the logos of the Polish History Museum (to download)



Piotr Młodożeniec was born on 17 July 1956 in Warsaw. He comes from a family of artists. His father, Jan Młodożeniec (1929–2000), was a distinguished designer of posters in the Polish Poster School. Piotr Młodożeniec studied in the graphics department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1976–1981). He completed his diploma in the poster workshop of Prof. Henryk Tomaszewski. He is known in artistic circles especially for poster works, yet is also activity in art mediums including painting and animation. The artist participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad (including Toronto, Berlin and New York City). He also took part in "family" exhibitions with his father, Jan, and brother Stanisław, and in "Zafryki" (an artistic partnership with Marek Sobczyk established in 1991 that realizes poster projects, illustrations and practical graphics).