Declaration of the MHP Open Policy

The Polish History Museum aims in its exhibition, academic and educational activities toward using digital-technology potential to provide free or easy access to content, and to eliminating economic and technical barriers which may impede such access. MHP strives for the broadest openness of sources, for making public the facts of its work, and to implementing the highest standards of quality in making them available so all interested parties can have broad access to the museum's sources and the possibility of engaging in its activities. MHP attempts, according to its possibilities, to provide reuse of the museum's sources and collections, in particular of documentation of exhibition and promotional activities, research results, academic publications, educational materials and books. MHP protects the public domain and attempts to create appropriate legal conditions for the practice of reuse, using for this aim open and free licensing from Creative Commons.

In the framework of the Open Policy, MHP will follow the subsequent rules:
1. digital information about publications (metadata) made available in digital form for exhibition activities is transferred to the public domain by use of a Creative Commons 0 declaration.
2. the digital publications made available by MHP for which copyrights have expired are made available with an accurate definition of their belonging to the public domain with the help of the Public Domain Mark. The intention of MHP is to counteract the practice of appropriating the public domain, and making easier the reuse of the material belonging to it.
3. MHP attempts to publish material created by exclusive use of open formats which enable automatic processing.
4. educational, academic and popularizing materials subject to copyright are published when possible under open licensing of Creative Commons with preference for free licenses.

The implementation of the rules of the Open Policy will allow MHP and its public a broad and effective utilization, diffusing and developing sources owned by MHP and created or financed from its sources. The application of the rules about publication on the basis of open licenses and the described technical standards of their being made available raises the effectiveness of MHP activities and will serve both the individual and institutional public of MHP.

The decision about the Open Policy is inscribed in the public mission of MHP as a national institution of culture. It's also an indication of maturity and of the way the organization will develop. Along with applying the Open Policy through eliminating barriers of physical distance and legal and technical limitations in reuse of sources, MHP broadens the spectrum of its public and users – for example, the physically handicapped and people living in remote areas in Poland and abroad.