Educational package about Jan Karski and his times

„Jan Karski and His Times” is an internet educational package created by the Polish History Museum.

The material based on the biography of the famed emissary shows the broad context of his activities. The materials included in the package are related with the German occupation in Poland, the Polish Underground State and the situation of Jewish population, and other topics. There are also proposals for screenplays for history classes, Polish language, ethics and general education. Its unquestionable asset rests in the possibility of using material in many broadly conceived fields of humanistic education. This way, the material fits into the foundations of the new school program in Poland and abroad.

The package refers to the method of case study – we look at the “big” history through an individual story and, through him or her, we show the most important aspects of the reality in which Jan Karski lived and was active. Multidimensionality of the prepared package allows its realization as class projects.

The package is available on the website www.karski.muzhp.pl.

The package is available on www.karski.muzhp.pl.



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