Open-space games

MHP has two open-space games on offer. The games are based on a system of roll-up banner stands followed by certain activities.

Games are in Polish.

In the MHP offer, there are two games:

Discover the Second Republic

The game allows pupils to learn about the interwar Poland of the Second Republic.

A player impersonates a prewar entrepreneur who decides to realize different objectives. To do this, he or she needs to acquire necessary materials and tools – components of the commissioned task, which he or she purchases in different regions of the Second Republic in exchange for capital.

Players move between eight regions of the Second Republic (placed in the school grounds as roll-up banner stands). In each, they need to perform different tasks (tasks, activities, mini-games) which lead to gaining capital or components for the commissioned objective.

The game covers the period from 1935 to 1939, before the Second World War. This period is related to the presence in the game of Poland's Central Industrial Region and the development of the Baltic port of Gdynia.


  • Pomerania
  • Upper Silesia
  • Masovia
  • southeastern borderlands
  • northeastern borderlands
  • Wielkopolska
  • Central Industrial Region
  • Małopolska

Two-person teams can participate in the game. Each team draws lots at the beginning of the task it will have to realize. Tasks are divided into three difficulty levels.

Duration of the game can be 90 to 100 minutes (most comfortable is 120 minutes).

DECADE 1979–1989

The game occurs in the period between 1979 and 1989. Participants play citizens who need to maintain families and live this troubled time period in a worthy way. He or she can engage in opposition activities, always keeping in mind risks that could come from conflicts with the communist authorities.

Rules of the game
The players move between 10 spot locations (roll-up banner stands) on school grounds. These are linked to different periods between 1979 and 1989.

Spot locations:

  • Papal pilgrimage
  • Gdańsk Agreement
  • First Congress of Solidarity
  • Culture
  • Church
  • Martial law
  • Economy and daily life
  • Europe and world
  • Round Table
  • Communist bureacracy
    Teams with a maximum of 3 members can participate.
    Choice of visited spot locations and types of activities depends on player strategy.

Duration of the game can be 90 to 100 minutes (most comfortable is 120 minutes)

To organize the game, schools need:

  • a place for playing the game: best is a sports auditorium (or two corridors or three classrooms – though this arrangement is not the most comfortable)
  • benches and chairs: 18 benches, 18 chairs
  • 10 people to direct the game
    How to borrow the game?
  • Interested persons can book a game for a certain term by e-mail or by phone (, tel. +48 22 211 90 47)
  • To borrow an open-space game, it's necessary to come to MHP's present site (35 Senatorska St., Warsaw).
  • Museum employees will then conduct training about the game's use (explanation of rules, demonstration of using the components).
  • Interested persons, by means of their own transport, carries the game to the place of the event (also possible via courier).
  • After using the game, also by means of their own transport, game components are returned to the MHP site.
  • The open-space game is lent and returned on the basis of a confirmed agreement.
  • Time of loan is established with the school according to its needs.