Thematic walks

People interested in the history of Warsaw are invited to download our newspapers with walk routes:

  1. On tracing places related to the recovery of Polish independence
  2. On tracing interwar theatres


Lectures for senior-level university

We come to university locations, for lectures lasting 90 minutes.

The lecture should be commissioned one week in advance.

Tel: +48 (22) 211 90 47, e-mail:

  1. Polish regalia - lecture dedicated to the history of coronation insignia.
  2. At the landowner's mansion - lecture with presentation. The following topics are addressed: the Polish manor house (dwór) in the historical context, the genesis of noble landowning class: knights, noble Sarmatians, the landowning class. Tradition and habits of the noble dwór. Architecture.
  3. Jan Karski – a lecture presenting the renowned emissary of the Polish Underground State.