2018-08-30 ARTICLES
Krzysztof Mazur: The Gdańsk Agreement as a political experiment
The nature of the August 1980 strikes was not unlike that of a social contract. Tens of thousands of individuals who took industrial action had agreed between themselves that society must be restored after years of enduring erosion and decay at the hands of the Communist regime.
2018-08-20 ARTICLES
Invasion '68
Half a century ago, on the night from 20 to 21 August 1968, began the largest military operation in the history of the Warsaw Pact. The invasion of Czechoslovakia put an end to the Prague Spring experiment.
2018-04-27 ARTICLES
Professor Piotr Ugniewski: Hot the 3 of May constitution was passed
The passing of the Government Act was possible because an understanding had been reached between members of the enlightened opposition and the King, Stanisław August Poniatowski.
2018-04-27 ARTICLES
The Constitution of 3 May: heritage from the captive years
2018-04-09 ARTICLES
The Front for the Rebirth of Poland. Zofia Kossak-Szczucka
On the 50th anniversary of Zofia Kossak-Szczucka’s death we wish to recall this Polish novelist and co-founder of 2 underground organizations in occupied Poland: the Front for the Rebirth of Poland and the Żegota Council for Aid to Jews (Rada Pomocy Żydom „Żegota”).
2018-03-01 ARTICLES
the Bar Confederation in painting
This year marks the 250th anniversary of a general confederation established on 29 February 1768 in Bar, Podolia, in defence of the Catholic faith against infidels, Catherine II of Russia, the influence of the Russian Empire and King Stanislaw II Augustus, who was submissive to Catherine and let the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth become a Russian protectorate.
2018-02-26 ARTICLES
The Establishment of the Bar Confederation
An interview with Dr Dorota Dukwicz
2018-02-21 ARTICLES
The situation of Polish Jews in German Nazi-occupied Poland has been the subject of thousands of research projects and interpretations. One of the fundamental texts to which many scholars refer is the article by Szymon Datner, GERMAN NAZI CRIMES AGAINST JEWS WHO ESCAPED FROM THE GHETTOES.