Major collection to be undertaken for artifacts for the Polish History Museum

The objective of the “Little Big Histories” public collection is to obtain objects which combine historical value with their donators’ biographies. Particularly important are the objects connected with the Polish path to independence — both that regained in 1918 and that reinstated in 1989.

The Museum is interested in everyday objects, photographs, postcards, documents, letters, mementoes, and periodicals as well as clothing, uniforms, weapons, military equipment, old machinery, handicraft, and works of art. which are a testament to the history of Polish culture and the social and economic transformations. These mementoes are to be included in the still growing PHM collection.

Some of the donated objects will be displayed at the permanent exhibition, while all the remaining donations are to be properly secured with future scholars and temporary exhibitions in mind.

In 2017 the Museum began to cooperate with over 800 institutions in Poland and abroad (Great Britain, the United Stated, Australia, Kirgizstan, Argentina, Japan, Canada, Italy, etc.), which promoted our campaign.
Among them are organs of local government (town and community councils, district authorities, etc.), embassies, libraries, tourist information centers, parishes, schools, cultural institutions, and NGOs.

The exhibits obtained include: a collection of documents regarding the 1920 Battle of Warsaw, a 1862 time capsule, an Art Nouveau spice set, a set of photographs and glass negatives from the interwar period, and a cushion made from a standard of the Regency Council of the Kingdom of Poland.

Individuals interested in donating their mementoes to our Museum can contact us in person, by telephone, or via e-mail. Telephone numbers: +48 (22) 211 90 29, +48 (22) 211 90 48. E-mail: