BazHum is a program of developing, digitalizing and making available the full content of Polish academic and scientific journals of the humanities and social sciences. It is a tool supporting research and education. We offer full access to the academic content. The placement of journals in the database results in much easier acquisition, ordering, aggregation and transfer of valuable information. All these activities demand less time now, and provide more precise results. We facilitate the use of material that can be difficult to access.


FULL CONTENT OF 250 periodicals

BazHum, in collaboration with publishers, opens academic content on the Internet, making it available in electronic form together with bibliographical descriptions.

Digitalization is run according to norms established by the National Library and National Electronic Archive. Periodicals are scanned and prepared for online publication. OCR makes possible searches of available articles.

There are over 143,000 articles placed.


BIBLIOGRAPHY OF 720 periodicals

The database of academic journals of the humanities and social sciences functions together with the full-content database. It registers the content of periodical issues – from the premiere issue through to current editions. The bibliographical descriptions are created separately for each article on a base in MARC 21 format.

The database includes over 516,000 articles.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education in its statement from 29 May 2013 about the criteria and procedure of evaluation of academic periodicals placed BazHum on its list of the reference databases taken into consideration in evaluation of periodicals. The presence of academic periodicals in the reference database is one of key guidelines taken into account while awarding points to periodicals.




Publishers of periodicals are give non-exclusive license and are not charged with any costs linked with digitalization and making the content available.

  • Publishers are not charged with any costs linked with preparation and making content available in the BazHum database.
  • We help to work out a legal model for making the content available online.
  • We raise sources for digitalization of older collections available only in paper format.
  • We transfer the archival material and full collection of bibliographical metadata of the content prepared for online publication.
  • We provide the possibility of making the text available online, after a waiting period (of the owner of the rights for publication).
  • We guarantee full identification of the publisher’s sources in the database.
  • We publish the periodicals on non-exclusive licenses.




Project BazHum

Klaudia Grabowska / project coordinator

+48 503 681410

Mateusz Franczak / contact for publishers

+48 793 644 480



Program BazHum is financed by MHP with the support of sponsors.


Actualization of the BazHum bibliographical database is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in the framework of a grant for activities popularizing education (800/P-DUN/2016).