Thematic walks

  1. The Royal Łazienki – During the walk around the Royal Łazienki, its participants see the most important buildings of King Stanisław August’s summer residence and learn about the king’s cultural activities and the most interesting details of his everyday life.
  2. The Kościuszko Uprising A walk around the Old Town, with particular attention devoted to places related to the turbulent events of the year 1794 in Warsaw.
  3. The November Night – A walk around the Royal Łazienki, during which its participants visit places related to the events of 29 November 1830.

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If you are interested in the history of Warsaw, you can download our brochures with walk routes:

  1. Around places related to the restoration of the Polish independence.
  2. Inter-war theatres.


Lectures for Universities of the Third Age

The lectures are organised in the seat of a given university. Lecture duration: 90 minutes.

They have to be booked at least one week in advance.

Phone no. +48 (22) 211 90 47; e-mail:


  1. Polish Regalia – A lecture with a presentation dedicated to the history and meaning of insignia.
  2. At a Manor – A lecture with a presentation, depicting the Polish manor house against a historical background and describing the origin of the landed gentry: knights, Polish nobles and landowners. It also focuses on the traditions and customs of a noble’s manor and the contemporary architecture.
  3. Jan Karski – A lecture about the emissary of the Polish Underground State.
  4. Tadeusz Kościuszko – A lecture devoted to the life and activities of the Kościuszko Uprising leader.
  5. The Lady of Puławy – A lecture about Izabella Czartoryska.